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Starbucks & "Hacking Habits"

Top of Mind: Hacking Habits...

Good Morning! This past week I had opportunity to speak with a few of my colleague brokers and I asked them about the topic of "Habits". What are some habits they were working on but lost the motivation for along the way. Life in quarantine has given everyone a "New Years Resolution Feel" to revisiting their 2020 goals now that states are opening up and everyone is going back to work.

So I wanted to share a little about what I'm doing to keep my habits that help me achieve my goals.

  1. Do it straight for 60+ Days (We normally break off habits after 1 week because they lie outside our comfort zone or become too difficult to a point of quitting. One of my recipes for habit are consistency for 60+ Days. As difficult as it may be, our brains are wired that it takes 60+ days to form or change a habit. So if you are trying to clean your apartment, workout, wake up at 4:00 AM (Right Now I'm at Day 243 of the 4 AM Club), or brushing your teeth. Keep Consistent for the habit you are for 60+ Days and you will find yourself 1 step closer to achieving your goal.

  1. Act First, Don’t Overthink, and prepare for Mistakes (Statistically, we learn 10x more from our failures than care thinking and slow execution. Now, I'm not saying that planning and execution is NOT important, but rather the biggest reason why we don't achieve our goals is a lack of action. Majority of the time we overthink how to accomplish our goals and execute them 50%, but the most effective teacher is failure. Thus, Act, do, and keep going)

  1. Deconstruct the goal into Cause & Effect (It's a little weird to consider this thought but, by simply telling yourself a goal then accomplishing the goal is a significant variance between the two. For Example, if I told myself I wanted to become the best swimmer in the world then tomorrow I hopped into the pool and went against the best swimmer, it is unlikely I will achieve my original goal. But, if you are trying to achieve top quality results in your practice, then I would recommend breaking down the actions that will lead you to being the best. For Example, if I said to myself that I want to wake up every day at 4:00 am and work out to get more work done and eventually be the best in my field, the likely hood of me keeping up with that goal is low when it becomes difficult. However, if I deconstruct it to say, "let me consistently wake up at 4am and workout because it makes me feel active and prepared for the day. And when I feel active, I get more accomplished." The cause and effect will allow me to open and energize my motivation throughout the time. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint

Feel Free to text me couple of things you are doing for sticking to your habits, 



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