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Silver Lining...Stay Positive

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Top of My Mind

Good Morning! I am taking this opportunity to change our newsletters and share a little of going on in my world, bring you news that is relevant and enjoyable, and to keep you updated on Real Estate. So, I hope its a fun read!

It seems every day I flip the channel or ask Alexa…"What's going on in the news this morning"…there is worldwide panic!

So, Let's change the tone and start by thanking all of our physicians, nurses, police, postal service, and even the cashier at the grocery store who are moving our essential businesses forward and protecting the public during this period of continual transformation.

Thank You and Bless all of you who are keeping us healthy!

It's starting to seem months have passed (*Little More than 30 Days) and the only noise I'm hearing these days is SBA funds are tapped, businesses are shutting down, or my wife is telling me I'm typing to loud from our shared home office. I know it could be hard to motivate yourself or even stay positive when you are at home stuck by yourself or hearing a bunch of negativity on the news.

Remember, it is times of weakness when there is always a silver lining. Like right now when I'm sitting at home typing this newsletter, I'm thankful that my beautiful wife is sitting next to me and we get to spend this time together.

Life in quarantine is teaching us many things about ourselves, our family, and our business.

The one thing I would like for you to soak up is the moment is to spend time with your family and be positive.

Get off the Couch and go for a walk.

Turn off your phone and cook with your family.

Take this weekend to spend some time with your family…stay positive…stay healthy. "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" 



Market Update


Top 3 This Week

  • Time to Breath for your 1031 Exchange | Many Sellers & Buyers have received their anticipated 1031 Exchange Deadline Extension for ID fall between April 1 - July 15 has been pushed to July 15.

  • "I want to go Shopping!" | New Poll has stated that 60% of American Will feel comfortable shopping in malls after COVID-19 or removal of stay at home order

  • Don't Forget About mi Apartments | Apartment Owners seeking an amendment to the Payroll Protection Program to enable Multi-Family Housing Owners to be applicable


Entrepreneur of the Week

You probably don't recognize this individual, but if you ever stayed at a Westin, Four Points, W Hotel, or even walked into one of his major shopping malls then you most likely been to a place that is owned by Barry Sternlicht. Barry is the founder and Chairman of Starwood Capital a private equity group that specializes in real estate. Though the net worth of Barry exceed multiple billions, this is one individual that started from the ground up, with his first apartment building at age 31 and during the 1990's recession, still reminds us that patience and focus are the key success points within our industry.


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