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Process, Consistency, & Follow Through

Brokerage is Sales and sales is competitive. There are several books, audio, and reports available on the internet that headline cheesy or hard to believe tagline such as: "Secrets to Millionaire" or "How i made a Billion in Sales" or whatever it may be.

This past week I had a property that I personally am invested into and hired a broker to represent me and my interest. Throughout this process of research, choosing a broker, and sitting on the other side of the table I have been reminded of the key characteristics that owners care about in brokerage are Process, Consistency, and Follow Through. The Past Two Decades, California and every other state has seen increasing numbers of real estate licenses issued, thus, with a competitive growing industry of brokerage I have discovered a few key consistent traits that makes the top 10% of the broker and bottom 90%.

Process: Manage your client's expectation weather it's pricing, marketing, or whatever. The goal is to deliver results to your client and not talk of fantasy or dream that will hopefully bring them a lot of money that they will never see.

Consistency: Too many brokers out there that are not consistent with their calls, email, or reports. A client wants to know that though they are not out of pocket investment when hiring you, their time is important and thus want to know that the property you are representing them on is at the top of your priority.

Follow Through: This is too simple. When you saw you're going to do something. Then do it. Simple. Too Many brokers make false promises to owner and then never follow through.

I am using this opportunity until i get back into the office to focus on my practice and improve my services to my clients and be the top 10%.

Take this weekend to spend some time on your business and how you could stand out from your industry or provide a better service to your customers,

Till then...Stay Safe & Healthy!



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