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Keep Consistent Through Pressure

Happy Friday! Today I want to take about how I deal with "Consistent" Pressure during our changing COVID Environment. There is a simple analogy regarding result through consistency, for example: If you throw water against a rock, it splashes away, but if you place that rock in a running river, over time the rock will crack. This was a good example of how "Consistent Pressure" symbolizes to me and wanted to share a few of my thoughts on how I deal with Pressure daily.

  • Organize a To Do List & Structure Your Day (Every day I create a to do list of items I wish to accomplish. At the Top I will write down the 1 goal I wish to achieve and I carry that to do " or I like to call it - Action Hit List" with me everywhere. For example, one of the items on the list is waking up for my 4:00 AM workout. It's not easy to consistently wake up 4:00 am but I do it because the workout that follows drives me for the rest of the day)

  • Simple Reminders Throughout the Day. ie "Pressure Makes Diamonds" (Weather its pressure from my business with clients depending on me to sell their investments, pressure from buyers to find the best deals, pressure from my lenders, or even pressure from my personal life. It is important to stay consistent in your resolve and focused on your goals

  • Focus on Paychecks over Projects (The ability to work on distractions rather than the tasks that make you money is very difficult for some individuals. It is very easy to focus on the "Fun" items of your busy day rather than accomplishing the most urgent that will result into a paycheck into your pocket. Thus, I place the most urgent items at the top my list and accomplish them first)

  • Don’t Overthink (In today's competitive environment, we are filled with so much information that it may from time to time distract us from our focus. Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Blogs, emails, or worrying about other person. Whatever it may be, maintain your focus on your goal from your to do list, don't overthink. Be Bold. Take the Step. And Don't Look Back)



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