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2 Day Rule

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I had opportunity to pick up the War of Art by Steven Pressfield and the quote below had me think about my methodology for persisting through habits coming out of COVID-19.

"Resistance is the most toxic form on the planet. it is the root of more unhappiness, poverty, and erectile dysfunction. To yield to resistance deforms our spirit, it stunts us, and makes us less than we are born to be." - Steven Pressfield from the War of Art

Resistance shows up in many forms from procrastination, doubt, or the voice in the back of your head asking to take a step back. The antidote is persistence; showing up day after day and make no mistake. You are at constantly at war with your own resistance.

We are approaching just approximately 1 month till Phase 2 for California went into place and with the warm weather outside this is probably the best time for the "Resistance Voice" in your mind to tell you to take a step back and relax.

My effort to push through this resistance is a little rule I created called the "2 x 60 day Rule". Which is continuing a habit for 2 days with a break 60 Days straight. Thus, I committed to waking up for my 4:00 am workouts with a slight break every 2 days. I kept this behavior for 60 days until by body made a natural habit of it.

This little plan kept me consistent to my goal and prevented me from failing into a slump which will improve my work performance.

Hope this helps and have a Happy Friday Everyone!

Above is a Fun Pic of Me & Neena in San Francisco, CA)



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